Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to college - HR College Rocks!

Today our college, H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, celebrated its 50th Anniversary, and did we celebrate it in style!

Great Job done by Principal Mrs. Indu Shahani and her team of teachers and students - Thank You all!

We, the alumnus of HR College were invited to an "open day" of sorts. A student volunteer, smartly dressed in black shirt, trousers and bright yellow ties, escorted us around, showing us the present day rooms.

On the terrace, "cultural" programs were organised to entertain us. Student troupes recreated dances that were done at the Talent Parade and also at Malhar.

Ex-students had the option to attend any ongoing lecture and I, along with my friend Darshan Jhaveri, took the liberty to attend two, an accounts and an economics one. The rest of the lectures, in the spirit of good old traditions prevalent in our times, we bunked!

Overall, a good and wonderful day bringing back old memories

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